Animation of Neurotransmitter Levels and Our Emotions (Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin)

I found this great gif/video the other day that shows a graphic representation of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin levels and the different emotions we feel. As you know, all the three chemicals above are also called neurotransmitters and are extremely important to how we feel. Anyway, take a look at the cool gif/video below:

Essentially, here is what the animation tells us:

  • Low dopamine, lower serotonin, and almost non-existence oxytocin equals depression.
  • Low dopamine, high serotonin, and low oxytocin equals happiness.
  • High dopamine, high serotonin, and high oxytocin equals love.
  • Higher dopamine compared to low serotonin, and low oxytocin equals anxiety.

H/T: Original animation



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