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Loss of memory performance can be scary for the people suffering as well as the families that have to helplessly stand by and watch a loved on deteriorate. People can have their personality, attitude, and demeanor completely change over time with seemingly nothing available to help. The Memory Repair Protocol is designed to help patients and loved ones navigate the difficulties of cognitive disorders using a well-planned, balanced diet of foods and ingredients that can be found locally at most food markets.

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What Do Memory Repair Protocol Reviews Say?

People are often very satisfied with the results of the Memory Repair Protocol. The protocol is very much based on the Ballabgarh dementia diet. Ballabgarh is an area in Northern India where scientists have noted the lowest occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease in the entire world. It is believed that their diet is a major factor in this incredibly low occurrence of cognitive disorders. Obesity rates are low and people remain mentally and physically healthy well into their later years despite living in a community that lacks some modern conveniences found in the Western world.

Since the Memory Repair Protocol recipes are based on a simple diet made up of natural foods and ingredients, following the protocol can be easy for many people. Beyond grocery purchases, there is no major expense that may stand in the way of successfully following the diet outlined in the protocol.

Another common note in Memory Repair Protocol reviews is a mention of the structured, timed nature of the protocol. In just 21 days many patients will see a slowing of disease progression and sometimes an improvement in their memory performance. This is not just a protocol for people with Alzheimer’s, either. Anyone who wants to maintain or improve memory performance can benefit from following the Memory Repair Protocol recipes.

Finally, on top of cognitive benefits, many reviews also talk about the physical benefits of the Ballabgarh dementia diet. People often report losing extra pounds which leads to lower chances of heart disease, diabetes, stoke, and physical pain in joints and muscles. While expensive drugs may target one area of the body, the Memory Repair Protocol has benefits for the entire body beyond just the brain.

What is ICT Protocol for Alzheimer’s?

ICT protocol is a daily supplement drink aimed at helping supplement the body with the nutrients and vitamins needed to combat Alzheimer’s. Many patients are their families believe this is an important part of their care as it is a simple way to address deficiencies that may be worsening cognitive function. There are many studies showing that B-12, vitamin E, and Folate are just a few of the important vitamins required in improving memory performance and combatting deterioration.

The name is obviously directed at people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or those caring for them. However, the ICT Protocol beverage can be used by anyone who wants to enhance memory function and prevent future problems like Alzheimer’s. While the name “ICT Protocol for Alzheimer’s” may suggest there is a specific market for this, the truth is that anyone can benefit from the supplement beverage regardless of cognitive condition.

What is the Ballabgarh Diet Based On?

A lot of people wonder what is included in the Ballabgarh diet that makes it so effective for treating and preventing cognitive disorders. The beauty of the diet is that it is a simple diet to follow. The Ballabgarh region in India is not an advanced area of the world. Many of the people living in the area are farmers that tend to the land and grow their own foods. There is not a lot of income to ship in and purchase foods from around the world or enjoy processed foods that have become popular in the Western world.

This diet is mainly vegetarian with cereals and grains providing a lot of the B vitamins that are essential to brain health. Berries and fruits are also an important part of the diet. Indian food is known for its aromatic spices which have also been shown to have many health benefits from cognitive improvement to inflammation reduction.

What you won’t find in this diet is processed food, red meat, and added sugar. Whole foods like grains and berries dominate the menu and provide benefits throughout the body.

Should You Try Mind Repair Protocol Recipes?

Considering there is no prohibitive expense or major risk in trying a well-balanced diet full of whole foods there is almost no reason you should avoid the food and recipes suggested in the Mind Repair Protocol. This is not an experimental drug or a radical, rapid weight loss diet that could present additional health concerns. Instead, this is a thoughtful and careful approach to improving diet to help the entire body.

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