Why Brain Health Is Just As Important As Heart Health

A lot of people these days are totally absorbed in matters concerning heart health. They talk about the numerous disorders that may result from less-than-optimal heart health, and they brainstorm for and implement strategies to keep their tickers healthy and fit. But why isn’t brain health as popular as heart health? It’s time everyone opens his eyes to the truth: brain health is just as important as heart health.

The Importance of Keeping Your Brain Healthy

As we all know, the brain is responsible for directing the operations of the entire human body. Every blink of your eye, every twitch of your muscle, and every thought that runs through your mind originate from the brain. This particular part of the human anatomy is the ultimate ruler of your body. That alone should give you more than enough clue as to why you should be doing all you can to maintain the optimal level of functioning and health of your brain.

Imagine a person who has worked all his life to develop a lean and fit physique. His muscles are well-toned, and he doesn’t have an ounce of extra fat in his body. His stamina couldn’t be better, and his strength is incomparable. Do you think all those would really matter much if he succumbs to brain disorders like dementia? Do you think he’ll be able to appreciate his buff body if he loses his memory, his ability to learn and reason, his focus, and his ability to concentrate? The appearance of these manifestations of brain disorders will definitely put all other concerns on a back burner.

There are literally millions of people across the world afflicted with dementia right now, with the number of cases estimated to double every twenty years. World Alzheimer Report estimates that the number of dementia cases will reach as high as 65.7 million in the year 2030. Though a huge percentage of the cases involve individuals aged 65 and older, dementia and other related brain conditions have been known to strike in much younger people. The year 2030 may seem too far away, but it’s never too early to ensure you don’t become just another statistic. Mind you, those are data for just one brain disorder. The high incidence rates of stroke and other neurological conditions haven’t even been taken into account yet.

Why Brain Health is Just as Important as Heart Health

As previously mentioned, the brain acts as the control tower of the body. The heart, on the other hand, ensures that each and every cell gets its fair share of life-sustaining nutrients and oxygen by pumping blood throughout the body. While what the heart does is extremely crucial to maintain life, what the brain does is equally vital. So don’t you think it’s only fair to say that brain health is just as important as heart health?

Each body part can’t survive without the whole just as the whole can’t function well when one part is ill. Just like the human body, health is a complex and multi-dimensional matter. For instance, certain risk factors, such as inadequate physical activity and obesity, are common to both brain and heart conditions. Brain health and heart health have been shown to have a connection, so it doesn’t make sense to care for one and ignore the other.

It simply can’t be stressed enough that brain health is as important as heart health. So while you are thinking of ways to keep your heart healthy, it would be a good idea if you come up with ways to keep your brain healthy as well.


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