How to Train Your Brain to Stay Focused

Train Your Brain

The brain is a powerful tool—but I’m sure you know that. You actually should learn to properly train your brain.

Our brains are finely attend to distractions, and today’s digital age makes it extremely hard for our brains to focus and zone in on the task at hand.

Train Your Brain – Get Rid of Your Multitasking Mindset

You can’t do it all.  And multitasking is perilous to the quality of your finished product.  There is a time and a place for multitasking.  But when it comes to needing to create a quality product, multitasking can hold you back.

How to Train Your Brain to Stay FocusedHow to Train Your Brain to Stay FocusedHow to Train Your Brain to Stay FocusedHow to Train Your Brain to Stay Focused

Allocate Your Time

Do you find yourself constantly asking where the time went in the day or wishing there were more hours in the day? You may need to better allocate your time to better focus on what truly matters in your life. You first need to make a decision. What do you plan to excel at and what tasks will you adequately complete? Sort your activities into three categories: invest, neutral, and optimize.

The tasks that you label as “Invest” are the areas where you should place more and higher quality time or work for a better payoff. Make sure you plan to out your A-level effort in these tasks.

Your “neutral” tasks don’t necessarily result in higher quality from investing more time. Work meetings (that you don’t lead) are a perfect example of this task. You don’t have to excel here; a B is more than sufficient.

“Optimize” tasks are the ones where you need to focus on efficiency and speed. Additional time does not lead to higher quality. In fact, added time detracts rather than adds to your life.

Take Breaks Often

How long we can work undistracted varies with each person.  But the general consensus among brain experts is that we should take a short break every 30 minutes in order for our brains to perform optimally.

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