9 Suspended Bodyweight Exercises for a Fit Body

Suspended bodyweight exercises are marvelous workouts that will sculpt your body. In addition, they incorporate more abdominal and stabilizer muscles while adding an interesting twist to your standard exercise routine. Here we provide 9 suspended bodyweight exercises for strengthening and stretching various muscle groups.

1. Gymnastic Rings Pull Up

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Doing pull ups with gymnastic rings add a much higher difficulty than completing it on a pull up bar. In addition to targeting your biceps and back muscles, this exercise will also strengthen your abs, shoulders and upper body stabilizer muscles. If you struggle to execute repetitions of this exercise, try the following tips. Lower the rings closer to the ground. Have your legs placed together and feet planted on the ground as you lean back and proceed to pull yourself upwards.

2. Rope Climbing

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The proper form for rope climbing is demonstrated in the picture above. Pay careful attention to how the individual’s feet are gripping the rope. Climbing ropes will enhance your biceps, back, abdominal and leg muscles. For intensifying this workout, try accomplishing it without using your feet for assistance.

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3. Gymnastic Rings Push Up

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Adding gymnastic rings to your chest workout routine will provide a fun and tough alternative. Start out by kneeling and doing push ups from this position to get use to the unstable nature of the gymnastic rings. After adapting to the gymnastic rings over time, progress yourself to a push up position with your knees off the ground.

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4. Suspended Strap Push Up

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This push up variation requires both of your feet to be placed in the suspended straps as shown above. The suspended straps will throw your lower body balance off. Therefore, you need to engage your abdominal muscles and keep your lower body stable throughout the push up routine.

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5. Assisted Squat

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Suspended straps are great tools for integrating into your bodyweight squat routine. It is especially helpful if you attempt to do one-legged squats to correct any imbalances in your leg strength. These workouts will help tone your arms and back in addition to strengthening your leg muscles.

6. Gymnastic Ring  L-Sit

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Completing this static abdominal exercise on gymnastic rings will also toughen up your triceps and shoulder muscles. Once you have gotten used to this workout, a natural position to advance to is the v-sit. Simply lift your feet higher until you form a V shape with your body and then hold this position.

7. Side Crunch

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The side crunch is an core strengthening exercise that targets your abdominal and oblique muscles. Start off in the suspended strap push up position and proceed to do side crunches as illustrated in the image.

8. Pike Hold

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This static exercise requires you to start out in a plank position with both feet situated in the suspended straps. The correct movement involves pulling your feet towards your chest as you lift your butt towards the ceiling. Follow through with this action until your body forms an upside down V. Make sure to keep both legs together and fully extended during this movement and the final holding position.

9. Forward Lunge Stretch

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Use the suspended strap with your forward lunge stretch to improve your hip flexor flexibility and strengthen your lower body stabilizer muscles. To deepen your stretch, you can advance your lead leg forward and/or sink your hips into the stretch.


Equipment Needed for These Exercises

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