Keep Calm And Carry On: Controlling Your Emotions

Controlling Your Emotions

Controlling your emotions can be difficult. It can seem impossible to keep in negative feelings, especially. When we feel powerful emotions, our natural reaction can be to tell others exactly what is on our mind. However, this is not always the best action to take. Sometimes we have to keep a lid on those emotions. This article will give some helpful tips on how to better control your emotions.

Controlling Your Emotions

When dealing with strong emotions it is important to understand that not every place is appropriate to share those emotions. Learning how to control your emotions will lead to positive effects on all aspects of your life. These are some simple things to do in times when controlling your emotions can seem impossible.

1. Deep Breathing

There are many deep breathing techniques, but they all serve the same purpose. These deep breaths cause you to focus on something other than your strong emotions because breathing deeply every time is not a natural thing for users to do. We have to think about doing it and think about the process of deep breathing to control our emotions.

2. Using a Mantra

Mantras are simple phrases that can help you refocus, calm down, and relax. These phrases are typically positive and easy to memorize a common one that is used is “I am bigger than my problems.” This phrase fits all of the characteristics in order to be a mantra. It states something positive, it can be easily memorized and focus on saying it can calm you down

3. Exercise

Exercise, in general, can remove stress, which can make it easier for emotional management. It is important to have an outlet for negative emotions, so exercise could work as that outlet. Yoga is a wonderful way to exercise and relax.  Also, more intense exercise like kickboxing or weight lifting can do wonders for learning how to control anger. They can give you a place to expend more aggressive feelings constructively.

Types of Emotions

The types of emotions that often need to be controlled are the more intense emotions. Anger is typically an emotion that needs to be controlled. Your anger does not give you the right to mistreat people or things. It can feel easy to react in a situation that has induced anger, but this is almost never the right thing to do. Instead, you should you the tips above to calm down and deal with your problems from a positive point of view.

Sadness can sometimes also be a type of emotion that needs to be controlled. It does not have the same explosive possibilities as anger, but you might want to keep your private feelings to yourself. Lastly, fear is an emotion that we might want to control. Fear can limit you, keeping you from trying new things, and seeking new experiences.

Using a positive mantra about overcoming fear and taking up a deep breathing technique could keep you calm enough to overcome your fears and try new things.

Emotions can be very tricky things. They can drive you to take actions that are not constructive, or over share when you would rather not. It is important that we all know when we can share our emotions, and when it is best to control them.

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