Tidy and Organize Your House Using the Box and Bin Method

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Everyone hates organizing and cleaning up the whole house.  But you can save tons of time by systematizing the way you clean.  I saw this method in the LifeProHacks subreddit and it really is an extremely efficient way to organize and tidy up a house.  This is called the “box and bin” method but you might as well call it a “box and bag” method.  Here is the method, in five steps:

1) Get a box and a bin.  The box can should be somewhat big, but ideally, the bigger the house, the bigger the box.  The bin can be a garbage bin with a trash bag inside it or just a trash bag is fine.

2) Start at the end of your house.  The end of the house for most people would probably be the garage.

3) In each room, anything that is trash goes in the bin (or bag).  Anything that belongs in another room goes in the box.  And anything that is out of place in the room goes back to its original place (in the room).

4) Move onto the next room and see if anything in the box (collected from the previous room) belongs in the current room.  In this room, repeat step 3.

5) At the end of the process, if you have any stuff left in the box, see if it’s worth keeping.  If it is, find a place to put it.  If it’s not worth keeping, throw it in the bin (or bag).


This five step method of cleaning and organizing your house is systematized to save you time.

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