Infographic: 10 Facts About What Happens When We Dream

I found this neat infographic about dreams. It was created by Sleep Genius, which is actually an app that aids sleep.  Although all the “facts” in this infographic have not been verified or universally agreed upon by scientists (such as the interpretation of dreams), they are pretty interesting nonetheless.  Take a gander at the infographic:

While You Were Dreaming

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1. 12% of people dream in black and white.

2. 90% of our dreams are lost within the first minute of waking up.

3.  The colder the house is, the “scarier” the dreams are.  To help avoid nightmares, it is good to keep the house (or at least the room you are sleeping in) at room temperature.

4. Most of us dream every 90 minutes at night as we go through our stages of sleep.  But our most vivid dreams often occur just when we are about to wake up.

5. Snoring only occurs in non-REM mode while vivid dreaming occurs in REM mode.  Therefore, vivid dreaming and snoring are mutually exclusive and one cannot both have a vivid memorable dream and snore at the same time.

6.  Dreams of being naked can represent vulnerability or shame, or it can represent feelings of freedom.

7. Dreams during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep are vivid and often involve bizarre plots.  These are work of your unconscious.  Dreaming during non-REM are often work of the conscious portion of the brain, and represent very little imagery, and therefore are not remembered.

8. We do not invent people while dreaming.  The people in our dreams are people whom we have come in contact with at one point or another in our lives, even for a brief moment, or on tv.

9. Dreams of teeth falling out has nothing to do with oral hygiene.  Dreams of falling teeth can actually signify a sense of helplessness or loss in life.

10. Men tend to dream more about men than other women, whereas women dream about both genders equally.

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