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Individual fitness levels vary wildly across these United States, as do approaches to exercise. Whereas many people are content to live wholly sedentary existences, others are aggressively committed to health, wellness, and strength as cornerstones of their being.

And then there are millions who sit somewhere in the middle.

For that group, knowing how to educate oneself on the prevailing fitness trends and diet fads can seem daunting. Every other home gym infomercial promises superhuman results with minimal effort and a modest financial investment. And food crazes seem to have, at best, three-month shelf-lives before finding themselves displaced by the next antioxidant-rich fruit or anti-inflammatory fungus.

Sorting through it all can amount to a herculean effort spanning days or weeks. Some might argue it’s worth the trouble. After all, we are talking about your health. That’s nothing to take lightly. With the nearly infinite selection of poor food choices available to consumers, not to mention the countless excuses to avoid exercising, Americans need every bit of fitness and dietary guidance available to them.

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Which is not to say you should not be discriminating in whose advice you seek out, let alone accept. Charlatans abound in the exercise/fitness industry. Why wouldn’t they? Who doesn’t want to hear eight-pack abdominals, five-percent bodyfat, and a half-ton deadlift are within reach with only a few minutes of daily work required? When strength, fitness, and body image claims are in play, all bets are off. Even when people suspect they are being misled, the handsome lie is more appealing than the cruel truth.

All of this is to say that you must exhibit a shrewd buyer’s eye when evaluating weight-loss products, strength supplements, men’s magazines, exercise equipment, total gym exercises, and training advice. Many of these are perfectly legitimate and stand to measurably improve your life and overall vitality. Many do not. Regardless, you should not shy away from conducting your own in-depth research using the resources available to you.

Check out Five Guys nutrition, for instance, and explore healthy menu options before dining out to maintain a solid health baseline.

There exist many online research options. Below is a list of health and fitness websites deserving of a fair assessment. They are measured in their claims and reasonable in their advice. In short, they are characterized as much by a modicum of legitimacy as by the enthusiasm for which their trade is famous. Evaluate accordingly.

Roman Fitness Systems

As the name would imply, there is something of an elite, esoteric quality to the Roman Fitness Systems mantra. A firmness of tone characterizes the website’s copy, as does a tongue-in-cheek quality that seeks to put the visitor somewhat at ease. After all, what they’re selling is premier personal training of a highly individualized, experimental, and focused sort. Don’t be completely fooled by the occasional humor baked into RFS pitch—this group is serious about re-shaping their clients into excellent physical specimens. The approach is one emphasizing diet, training, and psychological conditioning.

Exclusivity is central to their business model. They encourage potential clients (or disciples, rather) to self-select in that regard. With intensity so thoroughly interwoven with the RFS group’s DNA, ensuring your personality is a good fit makes nothing but sense.

Beyond Fit Mom

If ever a name said it all… Beyond Fit Mom was founded by fitness and weight-loss expert Kate Horney whose overarching aim is to provide women with grounded, manageable, and long-term health improvement plans. A knowledgeable industry authority with considerable firsthand experience, Kate invites women to reclaim or discover the health and vitality they deserve. Her programs are by no means uniform, they encourage accountability, and they exist to foster lifestyle changes that lead clients down the path to increased strength, energy, and overall health.

Highly qualified to work with women of all ages and fitness levels, Kate is keen on helping her clients address health and wellness challenges they might otherwise have regarded as insurmountable. Those “problem areas” in which fat and muscle atrophy are most prevalent, for instance, happen to be very manageable with the correct exercise and diet guidance. Women warm to the idea of community and accountability would do well to visit

Healthy Grocery Girl

The food we eat determines much of our overall wellness profile. Energy, muscle tone, and bodyfat percentages are largely determined by diet, with exercise and rest collectively coming in second. Healthy Grocery Girl is a website geared towards helping individuals and families experience healthier cuisine as well as the bodily benefits that follow. Through the website, visitors can organize meal plans and participate in various nutrition-themed programs and courses designed both to educate and to foster enthusiasm for the marvel that is quality food.

Those who have grown weary of the overly processed foods that dominate so many a store shelf should consider dropping by the Healthy Grocery Girl website. Delicious nutrition is on offer therein.

Ripped Body

An elite coaching service pioneered by a serious fitness trainer – that is the essence of, a website offering an exceedingly straightforward health, strength, and weight-loss philosophy which can be experienced through one of many offered training programs.

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