Plants In The Workplace Make You Happier and More Productive

office plant

According to a recent University of Queensland article, having a plant in the office increases worker productivity and happiness by 15 percent.  The study stated that the addition of plants in the office made employees more physically, mentally, and emotionally involved in their work and environment.

The study compared productivity and employee satisfaction from two types of office plans: lean and green.  Lean offices are minimalist, without plans, and with a lot of empty space.  Green office plans on the other hand invest in plants as part of the office architecture and environment.

The study found that people who worked in green offices found more satisfaction with their work, better concentration, and better perceived air quality.

This finding suggests that investing in landscape an office may pay off in the long run through increased employee productivity.

So if you want to increase your productivity and happiness, you might want to think about investing in small plans you can put on your desk or around your desk.

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