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White Matter vs. Grey Matter: What Are They And Their Differences?

Accounting for two-thirds of the entire weight of the human brain, the cerebrum is the largest and most highly-developed part, housing the neural center that controls sensory, motor, and cognitive functions. The cerebrum's outer layer, the cerebral cortex, is made of two main types of tissue, referred to as the grey matter and white matter. This article [...]


What Is Serotonin and What Is Its Function?

It is the job of neuroscientists to probe people's heads to study how their brains work. Among the many things in there that has sparked their insatiable fascination is  a key contributor to feelings of well-being and the regulator of the intensity of a person's emotions, commonly referred to as the "happiness hormone"-- serotonin.  Let's [...]

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An Introduction to Omega-3 as a Nootropic and Its Benefits

Too much fat can lead to stroke and heart attack, but that is not the case with Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are considered nootropics, meaning they can improve several mental functions, such as attention, memory, and motivation. Apart from enhancing neurological performance, it is said to cure a variety of mental disorders as [...]

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Five Best Treadmills for Your Home

We have made it a point on this site to point out the extreme importance of keeping an active lifestyle. Exercise not only keeps your body healthy and prolongs your life, but it is also extremely beneficial for your brain, increasing chemicals that aid in concentration, mood, and brain plasticity.  With a hectic schedule, sometimes it [...]


Pros and Cons of Coffee Consumption: An Illustration

Do you love coffee?  Well I have a treat for you.  I found this neat little infographic about the pros and cons of coffee consumption that I feel is pretty legitimately backed by science.  Us coffee lovers would love it if there weren't any drawbacks to coffee consumption---but there some minor ones that can be [...]

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The Five Best Treadmill Desks

The research overwhelming suggests that sitting all day is extremely bad for your health.  There is strong supporting evidence that sitting all day is closely associated with heart disease and other illnesses.  In addition, sitting all day reduces your caloric expenditure, resulting in increased incidence of obesity and decreased cardiovascular fitness.  Furthermore, sitting all day weakens your posture and [...]

Hope For Paws Saves An Abandoned Dog Named Holly

Hope For Paws Saves An Abandoned Dog Named Holly

Is someone cutting onions because I need some tissues.  Meet Holly, an abandoned dog that was hungry, lonely, and scared.  But Hope for Paws came to the rescued when someone called to report Holly.   It took awhile for the rescuers to gain her trust, but once they did, well...just watch the video and see for [...]

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How Much Money You’ll Make Based on Your Personality Type

I ran into some pretty interesting infographics that attempts to show the correlation between your (Myers-Briggs) personality type and how much money you make. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a theory of personality that sorts your personality into one of 16 types.  The 16 types is made of the four dichotomies below: Extraversion (E) - [...]

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