What Makes People Happy

Happiness is obvious yet mysterious.  We know when we are happy, but we are constantly chasing it.  Happiness should not be defined as a mood of temporary euphoria as it is often thought off as.  Nor should happiness be thought of satisfaction when life goes our way.  Instead, happiness should be defined as long-term fulfillment [...]


How to Realize and Reach Your True Potential

Not realizing your true potential is probably one of the bigger regrets as people get older; realizing that you could've been more is one of the biggest emotional upheavals you can experience in your life.  That is why it is quintessential that you do not let opportunities fly away; for those fortunate enough to live [...]

Jennifer Aaker on Rethinking Time and the Power of Multipliers

Jennifer Aaker on Rethinking Time and the Power of Multipliers

In this video Stanford psychologist Jennifer Aaker talks about using multipliers to achieve multiple goals.  Multipliers is a single activity that can meet multiple goals in different facets of our lives.  For instance, if our goals are to stay in shape and to connect with family, a great multiplier would be going on a run [...]

Daniel Goldstein’s TED Talk on the Battle Between Your Present and Future Self

Daniel Goldstein’s TED Talk on the Battle Between Your Present and Future Self

Daniel Goldstein, a psychologist behavioral economist who specializes in the study of judgment and decision making, gives this wonderful TED Talk on the battle between the choices we make between our present and future self. The video though is really a guide on how to make better decisions for our future. Give it a listen, [...]

mentally strong people do

18 Things Mentally Strong People Do

I found this neat illustration awhile back that points out the 18 things mentally strong people do. You may or may not agree with all the points, but check it out and let me know your thoughts. The 18 things mentally tough people do: 1. They move on 2. They keep control 3. They embrace [...]


My Experience Floating in an Isolation Tank

Examined Existence previously published an article introducing readers to isolation tanks (or chambers).  Isolation tanks are essentially tanks void of any outside light or sound.  It is just you floating in a warm saltwater tank.  Isolation tanks began in the 1950s as a military experiment. Since then, scientists have studied the benefits of isolation tanks to some degree and have [...]

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52 Of The Most Common Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

The following infographic details 52 of the most common myths and misconceptions people have.  For instance, did you know that Napolean wasn't actually all that short?  Or that bats aren't actually blind?  Or that you don't have to wait for 7 years for a swallowed gum to be digested?  The chart is organized by colored [...]

Why Having a Daily Routine is Important

I previously wrote about tips and tricks you can use to build a daily routine that works for you.  But that article doesn't wholly address the question of why having a daily routine matters in the first place.  Successful people are sticklers for routines, but why is that?  In this article, we are going to [...]

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