The Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Although self-esteem and self-confidence are sometimes used interchangeably or synonymous, they do not mean the same thing.  Someone that has low self-esteem can have low self-confidence and vice versa, but not always. The difference between self-esteem and self-confidence is that self-esteem is talking about the degree in which you value yourself.  Self-confidence is the degree [...]


3 Secrets to Happiness by James Altucher

James Altucher posted this wonderful image on Facebook today that I thought I just had to share.  It's called "the 3 secrets to happiness" and the image poignantly points out the 3 essential needs in life to be happy.  He is talking about lifelong happiness, not the momentary euphoria one feels when something good happens. [...]


10 Common Health and Fitness Myths Debunked

In the health and fitness industry, myths are plenty.  You will hear them from your friends, your personal trainers, and even your doctors.  Some myths are just flat out lies.  Other myths are things that were once true but have been disproven through science.  So with that said, here are then health and fitness myths [...]

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Study Finds Omega 3 Fatty Acids Increases Attention Span in Boys

New research has come out stating that omega 3 fatty acids (the kind found in fish) increase focus and attention, especially (but not exclusively) in children with ADHD. In the study conducted in the Netherlands, children were given 650mg of DHA and 650 mg of EPA supplements with margarine. DHA and EPA are two different [...]


Too Much (Unfounded) Self-Esteem is Bad for You

Self-esteem is extremely important to emotional well-being.  Without esteem, one may low self-worth and unhappy with life.  But there is a right amount self-esteem one should have.  A problem arises when one has too much unfounded self-esteem.  Basically, unfounded self-esteem is when one's self-esteem is artificially boosted beyond one's normal level without basis. Although self-confidence and self-esteem are sometimes [...]


The Importance of Having Short-term Goals

We all know goals are important, especially long-term goals.  But as we focus on long-term goals, we sometimes forget the many things we must accomplish in order to reach our goals.  Goals like graduating from college, reaching $1 million dollars in net worth, losing 100 pounds, or becoming CEO of a company are long-term goals [...]


Can You Exercise Too Much?

Is there such a thing as too much exercise?  That depends on what you mean by "too much."  If you exercise so much that your body doesn't recover in time, then your body weakens and your propensity for injury increases.  But is there a point to exercising wherein the amount of exercise you do has [...]

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Vigorous Exercise Can Prolong Life Moreso Than Moderate Activity

For quite some time now, doctors recommend that people get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity. But after a recent Australian study of over 204,000 middle-age and older adults over a six year period, researchers think that the second option is better than the first option at prolonging [...]

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