How Puzzles Help Senior Citizens

The following is a guest post written by Sean Allan of Siam Mandalay. One of the biggest fears for people as they get older is losing their mental sharpness, possibly developing dementia, Alzheimer’s or other mental illnesses. It is inevitable that your brain will lose some of its vibrancy as you get older - but [...]


80 (Plus) Productivity Hacks to Be More Efficient and Effective

Productivity is simply about getting things done in an effective manner.  And though it may sound simple enough, it is something that many people struggle with.  This is evidence by the $58 billion worth of the business and productivity market.  And if you've reached this page, I assume that you are looking for ways to [...]

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The Best Fitness Trackers for $100 (ish) or Under: 2015 Edition

Fitness trackers (also called activity trackers) are the latest trend in wearable technology.  Fitness trackers track our daily activity, anything from how many steps we walk, our activity level, to how well we sleep.  Many people have benefited from fitness trackers because it serves to reinforce healthier habits and gives personalized information pertaining to the [...]

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Things to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

When it comes to sleep, some nights will be better than others.  But the goal is to have more nights of great sleep than nights of tossing and turning.  Sleep is important because how well you sleep during the night will control how well you function during the day, as well as your mood.  So I [...]

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Obesity by Occupation: An Infographic

The following is a chart that uses statistics from the Journal of Preventive Medicine, which studied which occupations had the highest rate of obesity. In the data, anyone with a body mass index of over 30 is considered obese. The first result definitely surprised me. I would expect police officers, firefighters, and security guards to [...]


How to Stop Checking Facebook and Your Other Social Media Accounts

Until recently, Facebook was probably one of the main destroyers of my productivity.  I lost hours of productivity because of mindless Facebook usage.  Those quick five minute scrolls through Facebook would add up to hours per day in wasted time. But about a year or so ago I decided that this is a bad habit [...]


What Makes People Happy

Happiness is obvious yet mysterious.  We know when we are happy, but we are constantly chasing it.  Happiness should not be defined as a mood of temporary euphoria as it is often thought off as.  Nor should happiness be thought of satisfaction when life goes our way.  Instead, happiness should be defined as long-term fulfillment [...]


How to Realize and Reach Your True Potential

Not realizing your true potential is probably one of the bigger regrets as people get older; realizing that you could've been more is one of the biggest emotional upheavals you can experience in your life.  That is why it is quintessential that you do not let opportunities fly away; for those fortunate enough to live [...]

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