Which Sport Requires the Most Athleticism?

What sport requires the most athleticism?  ESPN attempted to take on this question. In an attempt to look at how much athleticism a sport requires, we have to look at the following: endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, nerves, durability, hand-eye coordination, analytic aptitude.   And here is the definition of each category: ENDURANCE: The ability [...]

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The Five Best Laptops for College Students

As a student, you are looking for cheap yet high quality laptops. You want the basic functions to write essays, do research, and access online materials. However, you're not studying 24/7 so you also need the laptop to be powerful enough to let you watch your favorite videos on Youtube and download your favorite music. [...]


An Introduction to Noopept and Its Benefits

If you are looking for a generally safe alternative to boost your memory as well as your overall cognitive function, the little known dipeptide called "Noopept" may be worth a try. A racetam derivative, noopept is extremely subtle albeit a lot more potent than piracetam. Here's more into noopept, how it works, its benefits, and [...]

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Why Emotional Intelligence Is Important

Too much praise has been given to IQ tests and SAT scores.  The vast majority seems to believe that test scores are the biggest predictors of success in life.  However, recent psychological studies have shown that may very well not be the case.  Rather, science has discovered that it is facets of emotional intelligence that seems to [...]

Lilica the Junkyard Mutt Travels 8 Miles a Day

Lilica the Junkyard Mutt Travels 8 Miles a Day

Watch this incredible video of Lilica, a junkyard mutt from Brazil.  She was abandoned and now travels a total of 8 miles a day, avoiding traffic and dangerous crossings, just to get food.  But what is incredible is what she does after she eats.  After she is done eating, she brings a full bag of [...]


4 Things You Can Do To Learn Better And Do Well On Tests

The human memory is still largely a mystery to scientists.  But what scientists do know is that there are four distinct and sequential steps to declarative memory: encoding, storing, retrieving, and forgetting.  If you are student and want to do well on your exams, you can't afford too much of the last step; forgetting.  If [...]


Alcoholism: The Science behind Alcohol Addiction

The perception of alcoholism as a "disease" calls for a deeper understanding of its profound effects on a person's thoughts, moods, and behavior. The firm grasp of the science behind alcohol addiction sheds light on how it develops and can persist in certain individuals but not in others, and on the fact that what is deemed [...]


Women Are More Likely to Get Alzheimer’s, But Why?

Over the years, Alzheimer's disease (AD) has slowly progressed into a global pandemic, disproportionately affecting women (aged 65 and older) in both prevalence and severity. Accordingly, experts have looked into possible risk factors and have controverted the issue on longevity (on average, women are predicted to live 4 years longer than men), insisting that there has to be [...]

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