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Motivational Quotes About Waking Up Early


Need a little motivation to wake up early?  I know I definitely need it sometimes.  Waking up early definitely sucks but there is no doubt that waking up early is important to your success and productivity.  So in helping you get motivated to wake up early, here are 10 quotes about waking up early to motivate you to get your ass out of bed and get things done! [click to continue…]

Why Exercise Makes You Less Hungry


Have you ever noticed your hunger subside after a hard session at the gym?  You probably think it’s weird that burning so many calories can make you full, but there is actually a scientific reason behind this.  Yes, exercise, more aptly hard exercise, makes you less hungry (immediately after).   [click to continue…]

The Benefits of Having a Home Gym

For the last couple of years, I’ve been entertaining the thought of a home gym.  But it wasn’t until the last few months that I’ve gotten serious about it.  So surely but slowly I’ve been building out my home gym in my garage.  It’s got everything I would ever need in a gym: grappling mats, a treadmill, an elliptical, a Bowflex machine, a squat/deadlift rack, a punching bag, speed bags,  a bench, dumbbells, battle ropes, medicine balls, and resistance bands.  I’m really proud of it. I absolutely love having my own home gym and feel that it has a lot of benefits over paying for a gym membership. I think everyone should try to invest some money into a home gym; here’s why. [click to continue…]

I’ve talked a lot about morning routines as of late.  That is because it is extremely important for productivity.  Every successful person I know has a morning routine.  But what’s in a morning routine?  As in, what should be included in a morning routine to insure that the rest of your day is productive?  In this article, I will go over that. [click to continue…]

Why Everyone Should Have a Morning Routine

I believe having a daily routine is essential for productivity and success.   But what is more important than that is having a morning routine.  The morning is the your time to start anew and to start fresh.  When the morning goes right, it gives the rest of your day momentum and energy.  In the first paragraph of this blog post, I have already highlighted some benefits of having a morning morning routine.  But if you reading on below, I will explain why everyone ought to have a morning routine. [click to continue…]

It seems like that childhood activity of climbing a tree does a lot of good for you after all.  New research from the University of North Florida shows that climbing trees and participating in other activities that require dynamic proprioception actually enhances working memory, an important aspect of overall intelligence.   [click to continue…]

I believe structuring your morning so that you have energy the rest of your day is an important element to productivity and happiness.  The morning is your chance for a fresh start.  And if have a lot of energy in the morning, it gives you momentum for the rest of your day.  So how does one get energy in the morning for the rest of the day?  Here are things I found to be extremely important in order to wake up with energy in the morning. [click to continue…]

I had a jiu jitsu competition and needed to cut about 7 pounds to make weight.  I didn’t want to cut just pure water weight because I didn’t want to be drained when competing.  Thus, I wanted to cut 7 pounds of pure fat.  So I tried dieting regularly for a bit and lost 2 pound of pure fat.  But I was still at 145 pounds.  So for two weeks, I tried to lose another 5 pounds with intermittent fasting.  For those two weeks, I fasted six days a week and ate regular for one day a week. [click to continue…]

Why Fermented Foods is Good for You

I have been eating fermented foods for as long as I can remember.  It’s an Asian thing and while many of my non-Asian friends have grown more accustomed to fermented foods, it is still novel and peculiar.  And while many Western countries are some of the richest, they are also some of the sickest.  Many scientists are now seeking to understand the root of many of these “Western diseases” which seem to be more rare in countries in Asia and the Mediterranean. [click to continue…]

So I found this cool infographic that basically sums up everything that I’ve talked about here on this blog. Essentially, getting the right hours of sleep is important, but the quality of your sleep is also important, if not more important. This infographic sums up nicely what you can do to optimize your sleep. Essentiallly, you need to get 7-8 hours of sleep in a dark room, and without electronics to bother you.
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