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The Ideal Way to Set Up Your Standing Desk

Standing desks are pretty chic right now. Instead of using ergonomic design to make for a more comfortable sitting arrangement, more people are opting to standing during work. Of course there are a lot of reasons for this change in workforce habit: more calories burned, increased strength in postural muscles, decreased neck/back pain, decreased risk [...]

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The Optimal Way to Get Work Done at Coffee Shops

I found this pretty neat infographic the other day.  The infographic shows the ideal way to work at coffee shops.  Working at coffee shops is becoming more of a common things nowadays with soloprenuers and people working remotely for their employers.  Working at a coffee shop provides ambient noise and human interaction that makes it ideal [...]


Interesting Facts About Your Habits

Many of the things you do on a daily basis is based on habit.  From brushing your teeth and showering when you first get up to eating right after you get home, these actions are largely automatic.  These habits make your life easier because it saves your brain from having to decide what to do every single [...]

habit loop

The Habit Loop: The Concept That Explains How Habits Form

In Charles Duhigg's book, The Power of Habit, the idea of the habit loop was a quintessential part of the narrative.  The idea of the habit loop is that every habit is made up of three essential parts, the cue (or trigger), the routine, and the reward.  For me, the idea led to a simplified [...]

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Top 10 Learning Techniques: Ranking From Best to Worst

School is for learning.  But ironically, one of the things that people don’t really learn to do well in school was to learn.  We are taught rote memorization and told to absorb it for arbitrary tests without being taught how to effectively absorb the material.  And it seems as the methods we were actually taught [...]

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Best and Worst Study Habits: An Infographic

I've written fairly extensively about learning on this site.  Learning is something so essential and foundational to our success in society yet the majority of us were never really given the skills or habits to learn effectively.  Instead of being taught ideas like active recall, interleaved practice, or spaced repetition, we were taught to highlight [...]

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How to Get Started With Meditation: An Infographic

So you've heard about all the wonderful benefits of meditation but you don't know how to get started?  I found this wonderful infographic that teaches you how to get started with meditation. If you are on the fence about the practice, you should give it a try for a couple of weeks.  The benefits are [...]

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4 Must-know Facts About Meditation: An Infographic

A few articles have been written before on this site about the various benefits of meditation. Meditation is no longer new-age, it has gone (almost) mainstream.  That is because the advancement of fMRI machines has unleashed a lot of studies that have confirmed its purported benefits.  The infographic below talks about 4 must-know (and scientifically) confirmed [...]

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