Difference Between Wants and Needs: An Illustration

[wp_ad_camp_4] Sometimes we have a hard time identifying what we want with what we need.  This doesn’t have to do solely with spending money on things.  The want versus need paradox comes into fruition everyday in our lives.  For instance, every morning when the alarm goes off, I want to stay in my warm blanket and get another couple of hours of sleep because I didn’t have a good night’s rest.  However, I need to get up and get the day started so I can get my to-do list done.

Artist and designer Erin Hanson’s Need to Want Less series is a pretty neat set of illustrations that displays the difference between want and need.  The following are some of the bests one I found in the series:

want smart phone need dumb phonewant ipod need tape want need want junk food need real food want screen need sun want to go fast need to go slow want to sink need to swim want facebook need a book

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