10 Essential Post-Workout Foam Rolling Exercises

Foam roller is an essential item to  loosen up tight muscles after a workout. Consistent usage of the foam roller will enhance your recovery. Since the foam roller can vary in size, material and texture, it is recommended for you to research and find the type that is most appropriate for you.  The following are simple exercises that uses your body weight to release the tension at the targeted the muscle group.

1. Lower Back

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Start by laying down with your back on the ground. Place the foam roller under your lower back. With your legs planted and slightly bent, use your legs to roll yourself back and forth slowly as you target the lower back.

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2. Upper back

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An alternative to using the foam roller on the ground is to utilize it with your back facing a wall. Situate yourself in a “wall sit” position with the foam roller behind your back, as shown in the image. Proceed to engage your legs and push yourself against the foam roller and then lower yourself to apply pressure against your upper back muscles.

3. Quadricep

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Start in a plank position with the foam roller under your quadriceps. Curl your feet towards your body to put more of your body weight on the foam roller and apply more pressure on the quadricep region. Use your arms to move your body back and forth to release any soreness present.

4. Outer Thigh

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Position yourself as shown in the image. The elbow and forearm should support your weight as you use the bent leg to guide your body along the foam roller.

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5. Inner Thigh

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An important thing to notice for this exercise is the foam roller being placed parallel to the body, but perpendicular to your thigh. With both arms bracing you, use the  far leg to roll your thigh along the foam roller.

6. Shin

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Support your weight on your hands. Place the foam roller directly below one shin or both. Alternate between extending and tucking your legs to roll along the foam roller and release the tension in your shins.

7. Calf

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With the foam roller placed under your calves and your body positioned as the above, use your hands to lift yourself off the ground and push off to roll back and forth across the foam roller.

8. Gluteus Maximus

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The glutes are commonly ignored in the foam rolling routine after a leg workout. For this exercise, sit directly on top of the foam roller and keep yourself propped up with your arms. With your knees bent, use your legs to control your movement over the foam roller.

9. Latissimus Dorsi (Lats)

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The start position for foam rolling the lats is similar to a side plank. With a bent leg situated behind the body, use this leg to lead foam rolling motion. To maximize a deep massage, avoid using your elbow and the feet on your extended leg to support your body weight.

10. Forearm

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This exercise reduces your forearm tension. Begin by laying down with your chest facing the ground. With both arms fully extended, use your shoulder mobility to roll your forearm across the foam roller.

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