Sites I Love

Here are some sites I love and some articles that I think you should read

Cal Newport’s Site: This site is the ipso facto source for study hacks and learning how to study well. Cal Newport has written a few books about excelling in high school and college. I love reading his blog for ideas on how to learn better.

Brain Pickings: The blog of Maria Popova.  Known for her tireless effort and industry, Maria Popova publishes three long and thought-provoking blog posts a day and reads 12-15 books per week.  I definitely get some of my blog ideas from her.

PsyBlog: Jeremy Dean’s blog has a lot of interesting psychological studies that are broken down into layman’s terms. Not only that, the studies he summarizes are extremely applicable to your daily life.

Smart Passive Income: Pat Flynn’s blog is not really in the same market/area of interest as this blog, but it definitely deserves a mention because his blog was the vanguard for turning me onto blogging.  Had I not read his blog, I don’t think Examined Existence would have been born.

Erowid: Great site for the intellectually curious with topics from nootropics to civil rights to existentialism.  A lot of the writing there is pretty involved and needs to be reread to fully understand.

The Last Psychiatrist: Although he no longer updates the blog, it’s well worth a read if you are a contrarian.

Track My Stack: A great site for those who want to track and log their nootropic usage.

…more will be updated soon.