Greek Short Film About the Relationship Between Father and Son

[wp_ad_camp_4] This Greek short film is an extremely profound video showing the dynamic relationship between father and son. It reminds me of a passage I read one time from the book, The Examined Life by famed philosopher Robert Nozick.

“Being a parent helps one become a better child, a more forgiving grown-up child of one’s parents, whom one now must act the parent to. One part of the transition to become a parent to one’s parent is obivous: taking care of them when they are no longer able to cope fully for themselves. Another part is taking responsibility for the state of the relationship. When children are young, it is the task of the parents to manage the relationship, to monitor it and keep it continuing on a somewhat even keel. During some brief period, perhaps, that responsibility becomes more equal, and then, before one has time to notice it, it becomes the now-grown-up child’s task to maintain the relationship, sometimes to pamper parents, to humor them, to avoid subjects that upset them, and to comfort the surviving one. If adolescence is sometimes marked by rebelling against one’s parents and adulthood by becoming independent of them, what marks maturity is becoming a parent to them.” -Robert Nozick, The Examined Life

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