My Experience With Peak Nootropics (Review)

Peak Nootropics review

Peak Nootropics is one the premier providers of nootropics online. If you are thinking about getting nootropics from them, you are naturally wondering if they are trustworthy source or not. I am an affiliate of theirs. But before I joined as an affiliate I wanted to test out their products to make sure they are a reputable source. The following review of Peak Nootropics is based off of personal experience with them.

Checkout Process

Very simple to check out, they do not force you to create an account or anything like that. You click check out and you are on the checkout page where you type in your shipping information and credit card information, with an option to create an account.

The cost at checkout is without shipping, shipping will cost you some money and depend on where you live. That may be the reason why they are able to offer such low prices. If you aren’t in a hurry, just choose USPS Priority Mail because USPS Express Mail will cost you almost 4 times more in shipping costs. But those are the only two options you have when checking out.

I ordered 50 grams of aniracetam and the shipping cost was about $7 just to give you an idea of what your order’s total will be. I ordered my aniracetam at 10PM Pacific Time on July 13th. The item shipped out on July 14th and was delivered July 16th. So it took two full days to get to me.

Third Party Testing

Peak Nootropics does do 3rd party testing and the owner goes as far as to claim that they have done “more third party testing than any other company on their [Reddit’s] reliable list.” Verification of Peak Nootropic’s third party testing have been verified by Reddit’s mods in the Nootropics subreddit. Click on this link to see some of their third party lab test COAs (Certificate of Analysis).

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