10 Exercises to Get Rid of Neck, Shoulder, Upper Back Pain Forever

Building muscles that support your neck, shoulders, and back is the most effective way to prevent and treat pain in those areas. The stronger the muscles, the better they can support your posture to prevent pain. Here are some exercises that build muscles around your neck, shoulder, and upper back to prevent pain.

I’ve also included two yoga stretches that work almost just as well as weighted exercises at reducing pain.  However, they do not build the supporting muscles for long-term postural support.

Each exercise will have an effectiveness rating assigned to it, rating how effective it is in treating and preventing neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. 

1. Pull ups

5 stars

Good for: neck, shoulders, upper back


Do a real pull up.  None of that kipping pull up sh*t. But if you can’t do a pullup, try #2…

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2. Standing Barbell Shoulder Press

5 stars

Good for: shoulders, neck, upper back

standing barbell shoulder press

3. Bentover Dumbbell Reverse Flys

4 star

Good for: upper back

bent over reverse flys dumbbell

Source: http://makeagif.com/VwNvY6

4. Dumbbell Shoulder Shrugs

4 star

Good for: Shoulder and neck pain


via: https://wefitu.files.wordpress.com/

5. Lateral Raises

4 star

Good for: Shoulders



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6. Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

4 star

Good for: Upper back

dumbbell rows

via: http://makeagif.com/Q58upn

7) Lat Pull Down

locust pose

Good for: upper back

lat pulldown


8) Lying Face Up Plate Neck Resistance

4 star

Good for: Neck


Yes those are weight plates on his forehead.  Try really light plates and work your way up.  Don’t hurt yourself.

via: http://www.shapefit.com/

9) Cat-Cow Pose

4 star

Good for: Neck and Upper back


Do this for 1 minute and go slowly into each pose.

8. Locust Pose

locust pose

Good for: neck, shoulders, upper back

locust pose 2

Do this pose for 5 times.  Hold this pose for 30 seconds each time.


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