Best Sunlight Desk Lamps

Best Sunlight Desk Lamps

Light has been known to do many things for us.  For instance, it regulates our circadian rhythm so we know when it is time to sleep and wake up.  And recent studies into natural sunlight shows that it can help us stay alert and focused.  For this reason, artificial lights have become somewhat popular for those who are serious about getting more concentration and focus out of the day.  If you are interested in sunlight desk lamps to help you stay alert and focused, here are 7 great ones:

1. Full-Spectrum Sunlight Desk Lamp by Lights of America

Let some sunshine into your home even on a gloomy winter day with Lights of America's touch-switch sunlight desk lamp! It boasts full-spectrum light technology-- a technology that approximates sunlight, supplanting conventional artificial lighting.  It is easy to install, and comes in a durable base.

Its bulb features a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin and high lumen output of 1800. With its energy usage of 27 watts and light output of 150 watts, worry not about burning your pocket! You can use it for as long you want and still be able to touch the bulb without burning your fingers. Product Dimensions: 4 x 7 x 19 inches

2. 72-0813 Sunlight Desk Lamp by Trademark Home

Brighten up your workspace with Trademark Home's 72-0813 sunlight desk lamp. The light it emits is so much like sunshine that you'd think you're on a tropical vacation. It features an innovative lighting technology that simulates outdoor sunlight, which is perfectly balanced across the entire color spectrum visible to the naked eye.

Its soft, white light is gentle on your eyes, as it provides a good black and white contrast, and clear visibility. Its flexible goose neck can be adjusted to any angle you prefer, providing you the comfort to read, work, and perform other tasks and hobbies.

Its bulb is a cut above the rest: its high-end 27-watt bulb lasts five times longer than other bulbs and can give just as much light as the ordinary 150-watt bulb, consuming far less energy and allowing you to economize on your electric bill! Product Dimensions: 7 x 9 x 22 inches

3. 72-1406 26-Inch Wood Grain Sunlight Desk Lamp by Trademark Home

With Trademark Home's 72-1406 26-inch wood grain sunlight desk lamp, everything is finally so much clearer to see!  Squint no more as its soft, pure white light gives off better contrast and sharp visibility for reading. Its wood grain design makes it aesthetically appealing no matter where you put it, be it in your bedroom or in the office.

As with other sunlight desk lamps by Trademark Home, it makes use of high-tech 27-watt energy-efficient bulb, so you can switch it on even every day all year long! Product Dimensions: 7 x 9 x 22 inches

4. TraderLamp 22" Sunlight Desk Lamp by OceanTailer

Looking for a great desk lamp that doesn't come with a hefty price tag? Then TraderLamp 22" sunlight desk lamp by OceanTailer fits the bill perfectly! It is a sleek zero-glare alternative that promises vivid colors, good black and white contrast for reading, and sharp visibility for better detail.

Its high-tech 27-watt bulb emits as much light as an ordinary 150-watt bulb but consumes far less energy. Enjoy it for up to 5,000 hours-- five times longer than the other bulbs. Product Dimensions: 12.4 x 11.3 x 7 inches

5. eHealthSource Sunlight Desk Lamp

eHealth Source's sunlight desk lamp is one good bet to brighten up a dull, dreary mood! It utilizes cutting-edge flicker elimination technology  design for a buzz-free operation and instant-on, flicker-free illumination, perfectly simulating natural sunlight.

Whether you are a reader, crafter, computer user, or hobbyist, you are sure to see better and feel better with this original indoor sunlight desk lamp designed from years of scientific research to further enhance lighting. Its flexible neck design and brightness control allows you to adjust the lighting to suit your preferences.

It comes with an extra energy-saving bulb, which makes it a great buy! Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 x 26 inches

6. Bell and Howell Sunlight Desk Lamp

Chase your blues away with Bell and Howell's sunlight desk lamp! It uses full-spectrum lighting technology, which helps you see clearly, brightens up your workspace, and makes you feel palpably better. It can be extended up to 3 feet, depending on your personal preference.

It comes with a 27-watt, 150-watt output bulb that you can use up to 5,000 hours. All these for a reasonable price. Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 3 inches

7. CD-026PB Healthsource 2-Way Brightness Sunlight Lamp

The Metro's CD-026PB sunlight lamp It features state-of-the-art light technology that replicates the spectrum of indoor sunlight. It features a flicker elimination technology design, which assures you of a buzz-free, instant-on, flicker-free illumination.

It comes with an adjustable neck and brightness control, allowing you to set the lighting depending on your needs. Its two-way brightness and 1300 lumen-free replacement bulb make it a great buy! Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 x 26 inches

Featured image by Free-Photos via Pixabay.

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