Why You Should Try Power Yoga

Power yoga is a variation on the traditional Indian exercise discipline. It focuses more on fast, powerful movements and builds more strength and muscular definition when compared to traditional forms of yoga. If you’ve been practicing yoga and are looking at doing a bit more challenging strength-wise, power yoga is exactly what you’ve been looking for. You’re now probably wondering what the benefits of power yoga are over a more traditional approach. Well, keep reading to find out what you have to look forward too.


Power Yoga Vs. Traditional Yoga

Before discussing power yoga, let’s talk about the difference between traditional yoga and power yoga.  The differences include:

  • Traditional yoga is the ancient Indian derivative that focuses on achieving spiritual enlightenment through meditation and poses.  Power yoga on the other hand is the name given to a more western-oriented style of yoga where the physical benefits derived from yoga are the main goals.
  • Traditional yoga activities focus on holding your poses to help improve balance and coordination.  Power yoga on the other hand focuses on speed and intensity of the movement to increase the heart rate and aerobic facet of the practice.
  • Traditional yoga requires certification and the classes are more or less fixed in structure.  Power yoga on the other hand is more fluid in as the poses, flow, and intensity can vary from one instructor to another.
  • Traditional yoga offers a holistic approach to health and well-being where power yoga focuses more on the strength and flexibility of its practitioners.  In this regard, power yoga focuses more on the physical aspect of the practice.

The Benefits of Power Yoga

Power yoga is known to significantly improve stamina. The poses coupled with breathing techniques contribute to improving your body’s resistance and increase breathing efficiency thus increasing endurance. Yoga is well known for its effects on a person flexibility. Because of the varied poses and the stretching involved people are far more flexible after they start practicing power yoga.

Because it is much more intense, power yoga helps your body burn more calories away. Thus power yoga helps you lose weight. Additionally, the workouts focus on power movements that strengthen your core muscle groups and lead to an increase in lean muscle mass.

Posture is an intuitive way we project our current mood. An upright, chest-out posture projects confidence, however, a slouched, shoulders-down posture doesn’t reflect well. With increasing work timings and a sedentary lifestyle, we have severely comprised our posture. This affects our spine and even our internal organs. Another common side effect of bad posture is excessive back pain. Power yoga helps improve posture. It stretches the spine, allowing you to maintain a more vertical profile.

It is shown that yoga can lower cholesterol levels and improve circulation. This has the added benefit of unclogging blocked arteries. This reduces your risk of contracting heart disease.  Yoga is also known to actively reduce stress levels. Because of the type of activities it involves yoga can be very therapeutic. The stretches and exercises help release endorphins that keep you happy. Power yoga also helps increase focus. By freeing the mind of clutter, you are more focused on the task at hand.

Yoga also has a positive effect on your bodies digestive system. It improves efficiency and helps your body absorb more nutrients. It also helps facilitate the release of toxins and keeps you healthy.

Yoga has long been lauded for its role in keeping your mind and body healthy. Its holistic approach to health is what has garnered it the position it currently enjoys. Power yoga builds on this legacy and makes yoga a rival to more traditional strength and condition workouts. It combines the benefits of traditional yoga with those of power movements. So if you’re looking to get fitter and try something new, power yoga is the thing for you! What are you waiting for? Get started today.

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