The Optimal Way to Get Work Done at Coffee Shops

I found this pretty neat infographic the other day.  The infographic shows the ideal way to work at coffee shops.  Working at coffee shops is becoming more of a common things nowadays with soloprenuers and people working remotely for their employers.  Working at a coffee shop provides ambient noise and human interaction that makes it ideal for optimal productivity.  However, coffee shops also have a lot of distractions.  So how do you set yourself up at a coffee shop so that you are productive and not interrupted?  Here are some ways:


Among some of the more useful tips are:
1) Buy one drink because overcaffeination is a real problem
2) Sit next to a corner so you are not too distracted
3) Sit next to a reliable-looking stranger so they are able to watch over your stuff when you are in the bathroom
4) Wear layered clothes so you can adjust to the varying temperatures
5) Bring your own water along if you can
6) Sit next to a power outlet
7) Sit next to good lighting as artificial blue light has been known to boost attention and alertness

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